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30-Story Hotel/Condo Tower Planned For The Nashville Gulch

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April 7, 2022
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SomeraRoad has filed plans for Tower 2 at Paseo South Gulch, a new mixed-use district in the Nashville Gulch. The 30-story Tower 2 is located directly behind the historic Vorhees building on Fogg Street.  Tower 2 had been shown for reference in previous renderings. However, through the design development phase has evolved with its own unique architectural identity.

The Nashville Gulch and other Downtown sub-districts have introduced world-class architectural designs, many by local architects.  In the next 3-5 years, Nashville will no longer be a city defined by 1 or 2 iconic buildings; it will set the precedent for architecture across the country. Tower 2 at Paseo South Gulch continues that trend by introducing an exceptional design unique to this development.

Consistent with Frank Lloyd Wright’s principles of organic architecture, the first 3 levels of Tower 2 look as if the historic Vorhees Building was transported into the future. It takes design cues from the historic structure such as:

  • Expansive windows
  • Vertical vs horizontal brick segments
  • Incorporating the building frame into the design.

Designed by ESa, the Tower 2 façade is created through alternating modules of glass and metal panel.  The articulation of the façade will provide a sense of privacy as the line of site for each unit looks away from the adjacent Tower 1.

A request was filed yesterday for an overall height modification for the property.  Once approved, the request will permit the proposed mixed-use hotel & condo development on the nearly 1-acre site. The request was made by Earl Swensson Associates on behalf of the Owner.  Here’s the quick rundown:

Located at the intersection of Fogg Street and 8th Avenue South, the overall development is currently comprised of 4 main structures.  Along 8th Avenue South, there are two existing historic landmark buildings, the Antiques Mall and the Voorhees building.  Those two historic structures flank the 16-story residential tower (Tower 1) currently under construction. The updated Tower 2 is a proposed hotel and condo building located on Fogg Street.

Named for its pedestrian paseos (a plaza or walkway for strolling), Tower 2 continues the activation of Fogg Street from the previous design. Both the hotel and resident lobbies are located on Fogg street. The garage entrance, a ride-share, and hotel drop-off are located on Fogg Street as well. The main dining is located along a paseo between the Vorhees building and Tower 2. The historic Vorhees building also proposes ground floor retail.

The building proposes 5 levels of underground parking with a public parking on the 1stbelow grade level.  Level 1 is activated by building circulation, back of house uses, and restaurant space.  The Hotel will occupy levels 1-14 with amenities and pool deck on level 4. The condos will occupy levels 15-30 with a penthouse on level 29 & rooftop amenity on level 30.

Tower 2 is allowed 10 stories by-right.  Using the bonus height program, the site will transfer 9 floors of unused height from the historic structures, and 11 floors for underground and public parking.