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BrandSafway Debuts The Future Of Overhead Protection At Paseo South Gulch

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August 26, 2022
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Urban Umbrella has partnered with BrandSafway to usher in the future of overhead safety protection systems in Nashville. Pedestrian safety and functionality is a growing concern in markets like Nashville, where construction is booming at every corner. BrandSafway is installing the first system in Nashville at SomeraRoad’s Paseo South Gulch development.

In recent News, Mayor Cooper has implemented a new policy which sets a seven-day maximum permit length for construction-related closures of multimodal infrastructure such as sidewalks. The new regulation is now in effect across the city for projects that have not implemented solutions for keeping the right-of-way open, such as a scaffolding structure over a sidewalk. The new policy applies to all new and renewing permit requests.

Urban Umbrella has taken their system and turned it into a product that is not only safe, but also enhances the pedestrian experience, while keeping sidewalks open for pedestrian use. Born from an international design competition in New York, the Urban Umbrella System won in a field of 260 applicants.  With Urban Umbrella’s partnership with BrandSafway, its one-of-a-kind premier product is in the hands of one of the most trusted, preeminent scaffolding providers in the world.

One of the advantages of this system is that it reduces the impacts of construction for phased development projects such as Paseo South Gulch in Downtown Nashville.  The project features two historic structures with retail/commercial space situated between 4 mixed-use towers.  The Urban Umbrella system installed at Paseo creates a safe and interesting walkway between the retail in the antiques mall building and the construction of the 16-story Tower 1. The images below provide a glimpse into the installation.

Urban Umbrella offers a full menu of customizations. In colder months, plastic curtains and heaters conserve warmth. In summer, heaters can be swapped out for fans to cool off patrons. Other enhancements include speakers, planters, and security via Urban Networks™ cameras. Developers, architects, and contractors can partner with them to turn a construction or maintenance project into a highly effective marketing opportunity.

The Urban Umbrella system is truly customizable and adaptable to fit a variety of applications. Clients can choose to customize their LED lighting color, tone, and shape. Oscillating multicolored LEDs are also available.  The system can be installed in both interior and exterior applications, with a choice of either opaque drop panels or translucent polycarbonate ceilings.  Customized signage is also an available option.

The Urban Umbrella system is distinctly adaptable. Adjustable legs allow standard Urban Umbrellas to stand anywhere from 12 to 16 feet tall, meaning you can select a height that fits the needs of your tenants or the aesthetic of your building. With the addition of stylized steel trusses, which can be customized to incorporate signage, the Urban Umbrella can reach heights of 20 feet.

Pedestrians regularly choose to cross the street rather than walk under traditional scaffolding. One in five ground-floor tenants go out of business when traditional scaffolding is installed over them.  Using AI software, Urban Umbrella has proved that pedestrian foot traffic will increase after it system was installed. At a minimum, foot traffic will remain the same as what it was when no scaffolding was present.

To experience it for yourself, check out the installed product at Paseo South Gulch located near the corner of Fogg Street & 8th Avenue South.  For more details or to receive a quote for your project please contact Spencer Beattie at or Jeremy Spencer at You can also find out more online at