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New Micro-neighborhood Takes Shape in Emerging South Gulch District

March 4, 2021
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Despite the current circumstances, our city is still growing and fast.

In this Nashville 2021 report; we explore a new live, work, play micro-neighborhood that’s emerging in the South Gulch area.

“The Gulch in general is one of the most dynamic and active neighborhoods in any city in America to be on the south end of that this great site,” said Andrew Donchez, Director of Development at SomeraRoad, a New York-based firm that has made a second home in Nashville. “It was an opportunity we couldn’t pass up we think it was a great site.”

The project on 8th Avenue South called Paseo South Gulch intertwines modern buildings with a couple of classics, reminding Nashvillians of what the Gulch once was and what’s still to come.

“Location is unbeatable, character is unbeatable and the future residential project is impressive,” said Jonathon Reeser, Director of Acquisitions Asset Management at SomeraRoad. “The Gulch is probably the hottest neighborhood in Nashville right now when you look at the center of the Gulch, it’s a lot of new, and when you look over this way toward South Gulch, you have a mix of character buildings like Voorhees and Antiques and you have new as well.”

In 2019, SomeraRoad acquired the Antiques Mall and The Voorhees Building, quickly getting to work.

  • Revitalization of the Antiques Mall, with the refurbishment of its original bow truss roof and brick façade. The building provides 26,000 sf of creative office space and retail, highlighted by private patios and multiple entrances and entry ways. Opening March 2021.
  • Reimagining of The Voorhees Building into showstopping office and retail space, filling a mid-size void in the marketplace with 12,000 sf floor plates, up to 58,000 sf, and naming rights available. SomeraRoad’s update includes all new windows, elevators and building systems as well as a glass rooftop addition. Opening June 2021.

The work isn’t yet done. The company, recently announced a plan for two new residential towers, one with 16 stories, the other, with 20. In total the towers will create 620 residential units, 18,000 sf of office, and 14,000 sf threaded together the two what-used-to-be warehouses, creating a live-work-play micro-neighborhood.

Once complete, the project will house office space, retail, restaurants and residential living.

“Connectivity was a key ethos for the project,” Donchez said.

Paseo speaks to the district’s interconnected walkways and terraces and its emphasis on bringing people together with outdoor programming.

“I think from the office and retail side we see sunny skies ahead and on the residential side there’s a ton of office demand, employee demand, the city continues to grow and we feel residential is something that’s needed in the city,” Reeser said.


  • Towers
  • Tower 1: Late 2021 start, end of 2023 completion – 16 stories
  • Tower 2: Late 2022 start, mid/end of 2024 completion – 20 stories
  • 18,000 sf of new office space, 14,000 sf of new retail space between the two towers
  • 608 total units between the two towers
  • Voorhees Building – 700 8th Ave. S
  • 58,000 total sf
  • 12,000 sf floor plates
  • All new windows, elevators, and building systems
  • New, 5th floor glass rooftop addition with private outdoor terrace
  • Former Antiques Mall – 606 8th Ave. S
  • 26,000 sf of creative office and retail
  • Private patios, multiple entrances and entry ways
  • Preserved historic bow truss

“We’re long-term investors and players in Nashville and were looking forward to being a part of continued growth of a great city,” Donchez said.

The project is located on the east side of 8th Avenue South, north of Fogg Street.