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New Renderings Unveil Prima’s Distinctive Retail Paseos In The Nashville Gulch.

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November 22, 2022
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Prima is the first residential tower to be constructed at Paseo South Gulch. The project broke ground in February of this year and the structure has started going vertical. The 16-story tower will feature 278 units above a mix of retail, and office uses. Developed by SomeraRoad, Paseo South Gulch (Paseo) includes 6 building structures and is the largest mixed-use district in Nashville’ South Gulch thus far. Once complete, the overall project will include more than 20,000 SF of new and adaptive reuse retail/restaurant space. Prima is located at 620 8th Avenue South.

Named for its pedestrian paseos, the development features a one-of-a-kind walkable retail experience. The character filled paseos integrate the 2 historic Nashville structures with 4 new modern towers. The mix of old and new results in a project that feels authentic and preserves a piece of Nashville history. The project features two main pedestrian paseos; the first between antiques mall and Prima, the other between Prima, the Voorhees building & the 3 other towers.

Prima (Tower 1) is the 1st of 4 new towers at Paseo and is located at the corner of Fogg Street and 8th Avenue S. The building lobby is located on 8th Avenue and is flanked by two highly visible retail shell spaces. The modern design of the exterior transitions into a more classically designed interior. The dark tones and wood accents from the exterior are also carried inside of the lobby.

The 1st pedestrian paseo is located between Prima & the historic antiques mall building. The main point of access is from 8th Avenue South; however, the paseo also cuts across the ground floor of Prima. Designed by ESA, Prima’s exterior provides a contrast to the red brick of the antiques mall. This is achieved with a natural palette of brick colors, rich dark tones, and wood accents. The antiques mall has been fully leased and includes GoodVets, Two Hands Tribeca, Maiz De La Vida, and Blind Barber.

Directly across from the antiques mall is the activated ground floor of Prima. There are two large retail shells on this side of the tower, which flanks the paseo that cuts across the building. Both retail shells feature covered and uncovered outdoor seating areas.

The retail shell closest to 8th Avenue (shown above) is roughly 2,300 SF. The second retail shell (shown below) wraps the corner of the intersecting paseo and continues towards the rear of the property. This retail shell is a little over 3,200 SF.  

One of the unique features of Prima is the intersecting paseo which cuts through the building towards Fogg Street. This intersecting paseo provides access to the two large retail spaces mentioned above as well as an alternate entrance into the building lobby. The rich tones, wood accents, and lighting design provides a soft contrast to the exposed concrete structure. The image below provides a view through the intersecting paseo.

There are two large retail shells which flank the intersecting paseo along Fogg Street as well. The first retail shell is located at the corner of 8th Avenue and Fogg Street and features roughly 1,400 SF of space. Next to the retail shell is a separate lobby for the 18,000 SF of Class A office space above. The 2nd retail shell is located at the corner of the paseo and features a little over 1,200 SF of space.

The second pedestrian paseo has two main entry points. The first is located on Fogg street between Tower 2 & the Voorhees building; the other is located closer to the corner of 8th Avenue and Division Street. Access to retail at the Voorhees building and Tower 2 are located between the two buildings.

The Historic Voorhees building and recently announced condo-hotel mixed-use tower (tower 2) are located on the other side of Fogg Street. The initial renovation of the historic Voorhees building was completed last year; however, permits have been filed for the addition of one new level. Overall, the Voorhees building will convert 58,000 SF of adaptive reuse warehouse into new retail and creative office space. The ground floor of the Voorhees building already has signed tenants, some of which include Barista Parlor, The CATBIRD SEAT, and The Patterson House.

The pedestrian paseo from 8th Avenue is flanked by the Voorhees building and the 22-story office tower (tower 4). The office tower is currently branded as One Paseo and will feature 476,000 SF of Class A office space. There are three retail shells with access to this paseo from the Vorhees building. The ground floor of the office tower is primarily lobby space. Next to the office tower is a new 30-story residential tower (tower 3). Tower 3 is currently branded as The Residences at One Paseo and will include 396 units. The residential building has 1,760 SF of retail which fronts the pedestrian paseo. This paseo also has a pocket park which anchors the 4 buildings.

The remaining retail for Paseo South Gulch is located on the ground floor of towers 3 and 4 along Division Street. One Paseo includes to two large retail shells which total nearly 8,000 SF and includes outdoor seating. The Residences at One Paseo features 3,000 SF of retail next to the building lobby.

Clark construction is the contractor managing the construction of Prima.  Here is a look at construction progress thus far.

For leasing inquiries regarding Paseo South Gulch please contact OJAS Partners directly using the link (here).

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